The Egyptian Horse


Egyptian bred Arabian stallion
from Albadeia farm

    The Egyptian horse is no longer an individual breed/race as it once was; the short distance between Arabia and the Nile led of course to significant Arabization of the indigenous horses in Egypt, henceforth the Egyptian horses today for most part do not differ from the rougher Arabians bred for example in southern Arabia. Today in most of the Egyptian stud farms is bred very exclusive and refined Arabian material, which stallions are used to refine the domestic horses. To the refinement of the Egyptian horses were also used the English thoroughbreds which were used mainly to give more variety in the exterior. (Mohamed Aly: “Breeding of pure bred Arab horses.” Cairo 1935.)


Translated by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a. Lee Stanek from the 1953 Special Zoo-Technique - Breeding of Horses
Published in 1953 by the Czechoslovakian Academy of Agricultural Science and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Written by: MVDr Ludvik Ambroz, Frabtisek Bilek, MVDr Karel Blazek, Ing. Jaromir Dusek, Ing. Karel Hartman, Hanus Keil, pro. MVDr Emanuel Kral, Karel Kloubek, Ing. Dr. Frantisek Lerche, Ing. Dr Vaclav Michal, Ing. Dr Zdenek Munki, Ing. Vladimir Mueller, MVDr Julius Penicka, pro. MVDr Emil Pribyl, MVDr Lev Richter, prof. Ing. Dr Josef Rechta, MVDr Karel Sejkora and Ing. Dr Jindrich Steinitz.