The Icelandic Horse

    The Iceland pony is a primitive type of Nordic horses. He is 120cm to 140 cm tall, his head is large, narrow and in the face part of the head is long; has short backward neck with rich main. He has rounded/chubby shapes and is on short leg. He is used mainly under saddle or as a (soumar) packhorse as well as in pulling carts and such. Large amount of these horses were exported to England and to Denmark where they were used in the mines.

Translated by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a. Lee Stanek from the 1953 Special Zoo-Technique - Breeding of Horses
Published in 1953 by the Czechoslovakian Academy of Agricultural Science and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Written by: MVDr Ludvik Ambroz, Frabtisek Bilek, MVDr Karel Blazek, Ing. Jaromir Dusek, Ing. Karel Hartman, Hanus Keil, pro. MVDr Emanuel Kral, Karel Kloubek, Ing. Dr. Frantisek Lerche, Ing. Dr Vaclav Michal, Ing. Dr Zdenek Munki, Ing. Vladimir Mueller, MVDr Julius Penicka, pro. MVDr Emil Pribyl, MVDr Lev Richter, prof. Ing. Dr Josef Rechta, MVDr Karel Sejkora and Ing. Dr Jindrich Steinitz.