A lanolin enriched antiseptic dressing and lubricant for bites, cuts, scratches, sore feet, elbow-calluses and minor skin irritations. Prompt application will help restore all or most of the hair growth with minimum scarring. Can be applied after bathing. Just finger tip small amounts through the hair to restore life and sheen. Also used on horses legs and feet to keep frogs supple and hooves from drying out. 

Corona Ointment



    I have seen folks using this product directly on open wounds. I truly detest this product for that kind of purpose. The texture is kind of gluey and all sorts of dirt and debris get stuck to the treated area. I believe that it makes matter worse rather than better when using this product as an antiseptic in the treatments of open wounds. It may work just fine to treat burn like wounds, where there is only a hair missing. This could promote the growth of hair back (lanolin), but I only speculate on this matter here, since I have no personal experience with this product. Shortly said, I have never purchased Corona, since I've seen the results that it produced when other folks used it.

    You can find other and better use for this product on the Hoof Products Page (Coming Soon!).

1. wool grease
2. a salve containing a fatty substance obtained from the wool of sheep

All my comments are merely my opinions and beliefs gained from 40 years of professional life with horses. All drugs should be used only by the consent of a veterinarian and according to his instructions. A person who is with the horse everyday, should know him better than anyone else.