(Povidone Ointment)

    Vita-derm is a brand of Povidone ointment but with a higher strength of iodine. I have found this product very useful in hoof care, mainly in the treatment of hoof abscess and some forms of white line rot. I use this product mainly in farriery. I do not recommend this product in the treatment of open flesh wounds, as the label recommends. This strength Povidone ointment is also very practical in the prevention of bacteria related ailments of the hoof, like abscess and white line rot. Applying this product on the bottom of the hoof around the inside of the shoe can help prevent white line rot related to shoeing and also some forms of hoof abscess. I found this product useful in the treatment of hoof abscess whenever I was able to open and drain the abscess. For more see hoof abscess treatment no. 3.


All my comments are merely my opinions and beliefs gained from 40 years of professional life with horses. All drugs should be used only by the consent of a veterinarian and according to his instructions. A person who is with the horse everyday, should know him better than anyone else.